Live for Me

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I’m all alone housesitting in a mansion off the coast of Maine when the rich owner shows up. The sexy, younger-than-I-expected, music producer Devin Gold. 

I’m a broke virgin, orphaned in my teens. He’s a dozen years older than me, powerful and charming, used to dating supermodels. He’s my boss. I’m his latest muse.  

Devin wants me. I want him. And nothing will ever be the same again because Devin has a secret that is both shocking and puts me in danger... 

Book Reviews


Overkill4 star

I like the book it’s about a young girl that survived being in a ton of foster homes. She finally was able to walk away from an abusive grandmother and find love. I think burning the house down was overkill. I am also confused in this book I think Tiffany made the comment the Heath hadn’t proposed to Cat but he did at the end. I’m wondering after reading the third book does the author remember what she’s written. I’m not trying to be rude but if I pay for something I want it to be correct. Because it’s confusing to your readers.45

Cheryl SDS

Looking for a father figure IMO4 star

3.5 Stars This is book 2 in the Blurred Lines series and it features Tiffany Ennis and Devon "Gold Daddy" Gold. I adore Tiffany. So young, now 18, and so brave with a strength of character most never have. She's taken so much bs from everyone her whole life and she's still a good person. Devon is a music producer, 30 years old, going through a divorce and he acts like an older man trying to fit in with the young crowd. If he were young at heart my opinion would probably be different. He has a temper but not abusive. He was often thoughtless when it came to Tiffany. I think she was looking for that father figure she never had growing up. It was just a bad match in my opinion. I'm looking forward to book 3.45


Terrible1 star

I only finished it because I paid for it!15


Drew me in5 star

I was waiting in anticipation and then it never stopped. Amazing read that sucked me in!55



Finished this book and the 1st one in 3 days. Best series I've ever read. I'm addicted to these stories. Keep writing more!!55


Ok4 star

Wow Devin and Tiffany, there story didn't drag on. It was out in the open from the beginning. Age was a factor in the beginning but in the end it worked out. There are some surprises but true love always win.45

Big bull Akita

Live for me5 star

Was really good!! She really has you feeling for the characters. Good story!!55


Great book5 star

This is a modern day Jane Eyre . Great read and the age difference didn't seem to be a problem . The author did a great job I just wish there was a little more to the ending ... She kept me wanting more. There were also a few typos and editing mistakes ie in book one Heath proposed at the end . In this book she stated Heath didn't propose . Other than that great series55


Modern Day Jane Eyre???4 star

I really enjoyed reading this book. About 20 or so pages in it clicked in my head that these two people were Jane and Mr. Rochester. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books and I got so excited. It was a good modern interpretation of it, but it just was a little rushed for my.45

Anne Westbrook215

Lame Ending1 star

It had such great potential... And then it ended the way it did. Too melodramatic and unbelievable for me.15

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