Never Date A Player

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My cheating ex has me swearing off men. Until Lewis comes along, stealing my breath and my good sense.

I've never been one to lust after guys. But Lewis is six and a half feet of rugged man, and he's...eye-catching. Sexy. And silently brooding in all the best ways.

The more time I spend with him, the naughtier my thoughts are of us together, and he's not helping put a stop to it. It's infuriating. I'm fantasizing, and lusting, and I can't remember why I wanted to stay away.

But Lewis carries his own relationship baggage. Baggage that could break me in ways no ex-boyfriend ever did.

Despite all the reasons I shouldn't get involved, Lewis might be the one man I can't resist.


He tugs down his shorts--and goes completely naked.

He glances up. "You can stay in your panties. I'm getting clean... What? I trust you not to grope me." He grins.

"Hot, funny, infuriating and omg where can I get one please..." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Jules Barnard is an absolute winner."~Amazon Reviewer

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R Starchman

Mountain Man by Jules Barnard5 star

This is one of the books from Men Of Lake Tahoe series. Each can be read alone but others from the series will cross over in the stories . This is the story of Genevieve and Lewis. This was a very great love story with a lot of problems and mysteries . This is well worth reading and I know I will be reading more of this series.55


Liking this series!5 star

I like the drama at Blue that backs up the love stories in this series. These stories are well-written and romantic, but their plot goes deeper than the basic romance novel.55


I enjoyed this book.5 star

Gen's summer in Tahoe was not what she expected. She finds love and herself. I loved Gen and Lewis was intriguing. This book was sweet and sexy. I enjoyed this book.55


Much better than the first one!5 star

I really enjoyed this second book in the series. A much more likable female lead than the first book! I read it immediately (same day) after the first book and since both books take place in the same timespan some of the repetitiveness was boring but I understood the need for it. Still really unhappy with the way the whole casino executive thing plays out...just doesn't fit with the way these characters have been written and really not realistic in today's environment. No organization risks the kind of major lawsuit this would become by being so cavalier in their HR department but it's a minor irritation and I'm on to book 3 now so obviously I recommend the series!!55

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