One Wild Weekend With Tyler

One Wild Weekend With Tyler Summary

When Zoe visits a Montana dude ranch, the sexy cowboy on the brochure turns out to be an insufferable flirt… but his gruff, gorgeous half brother, Tyler, is another story!


Horses aren't the only thing to ride...

I should be a little more excited about visiting a working ranch in Montana.

I mean, there is an actual cowboy on the brochure, and he is smoking hot.

And maybe if I wasn't a workaholic, I'd be looking forward to getting away from it all more than I am.

But my brain doesn't have an off switch, and the cowboy who looked good enough to eat on the brochure, just doesn't cut it in the flesh.

While Liam is an over the top flirt who grates on my nerves, his half-brother Tyler is the exact opposite.

He's just as gorgeous, but he's rude, gruff, and hates his brother's agritourism idea as much as he hates his long-lost brother.

Something is decidedly off at the Laughing Cat Ranch, and I aim to get to the bottom of it…

Well, after Tyler and I make use of the bed in the fishing cabin.


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awful good

One wild weekend with Tyler4 star

A great story! Another great mystery and love story! Laraine H45


WOW.5 star

I just fell in love! I was restless woke up at 3am and to pass time starting reading this book didn’t expect too much to be honest but wow I fell in love with love and most importantly the characters THANK YOU!!!55


So good!5 star

Such a good, fun, hot read!55


One Wild Weekend with Tyler5 star

Great read55

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