Preppers Pocket App Ebook: Survival Guide

Preppers Pocket App Ebook: Survival Guide Summary

There is a-lot of information on the internet about how to start an organic garden, learn basic first aid skills, food storage and more, but none of it is screened or consolidated into one app. All proceeds during the month of September 2014 will go to help our retired veterans. Thanks for your support!

Let me introduce you to the first E-book that consolidates topics that everyone should know from gardening to hunting, and fire-starting tips to building a shelter, all in one handy E-book.

The Preppers Pocket App. E-book was created to provide time-tested self reliance skills and information that previous generations knew and relied on to live. Our generation has an increasing need to learn these skills, live more healthy, save money at the grocery store, and live in harmony with all that nature provides.

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