Blood Vow

Blood Vow Summary

They killed her sister. Now she'll make them pay...

Her sister slaughtered by rogue vampires, Maria wants blood. Rogue blood. Lots of it. In vampire society though, even halfbreeds like Maria are cosseted and protected . She must fool her family into thinking she's the perfect Kyn lady, fight like the demons her ancestors were, and somehow get rid of the annoying but sexy Kyn warrior who just won't leave her alone.

He's the king, so why is he always taking orders from others?

Furious at the Elder Council's demand that he find a wife, Marak takes to the streets to vent his anger on the rogue. He doesn't expect to find a sexy vampire hunter who has no idea who he is. Human, she can't be his, but she won't survive the streets without his help. He'll train her, get her ready to hunt, and do his best to keep his hands to himself.

But when a rogue attack almost ends her life and Marak is forced to bring her over into his world, he discovers she's been keeping secrets just like he has...

Can they see past the lies and betrayal to what really matters, or is their happily ever after, and the fate of the Royal line, doomed with their love?


Book Reviews


WOW!!4 star

Couldn’t put it down!!45


Potential. Needs development2 star

This is a really great base story. It started off pretty strong but there wasn’t enough development. It wrapped up too quickly. There wasn’t enough story to develop an emotional attachment. Everything happened too fast. With more time spent on the story, it would be much better. This was too much like a novella.25


Short and engaging5 star

I love the storyline and the flow of the relationship.55


Blood cow5 star

I loved this book it’s different very addictive and satisfied55


I Loved This Book!5 star

This story was so good that I read it almost non stop. Maria and Marak are both great characters and the book just flows. Loved it.55

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