Bound by Fate (The Alliance Book 8)

Bound by Fate (The Alliance Book 8) Summary

After a month of hunting for her, Asher isn’t expecting to stumble across Brie again, but once he does, he’s determined not to let her go.

Brie knew it was a mistake to warn the hunter about the approaching danger facing the Alliance compound. She learned long ago that getting involved resulted in pain. However, she couldn’t resist trying to help, and now she’s paying for her mistake.

When Asher learns Brie is hiding secrets that could be the key to defeating their enemies, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it costs him his life.

Can he keep her safe from the dangers pressing closer, or will the knowledge she holds destroy them all?

***The Alliance Series is a spin-off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series to follow the Alliance Series.

Due to violence, language, and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+***

Book Reviews

Rebel Leah


Another outstanding book!!! It’s amazing how a writer can write a series and each book is different from the last and just as amazing. This one captivated me. I loved the chemistry between Asher and Brie. There were a couple of cringe worthy moments in the story. This book is worth the read as well as the whole series. Overall just AMAZING!!!! ❤️55


Amazing world and characters5 star

I love this whole series. Brie has been an eye on the prize type of girl for centuries. Asher was sheltered as a hunter, but he trusts his feelings. This world has imploded and we are running against the clock. Will the demons and savages win? Will Brie’s ability be the turning tide. I’m so excited to see where this goes.55

Kym Ray

Another great read5 star

Asher’s and Brie’s story is so good! Like all of the other Alliance Series books is very gripping as the overall story comes together. The romance and budding relationship between the H and h is both sweet and spicy and gives another facet and dimension to how all the characters in the bigger story fit like puzzle pieces, giving us a broader view. LOVED IT! And seriously on the edge of my seat, waiting with baited breath for the next book! This author is one of my favs!55


And she did it again. Another amazing story5 star

Asher & Brie like others had a tough beginning. Asher spent so much time looking for Brie. Asher is always so sweet and fierce when it comes to protecting the innocence, loved ones and friends. I am never disappointed with the alliance series. Brenda keeps bringing on your edge stories that I can’t get enough of. I can’t wait to read the next book. If you haven’t started this series I highly recommend you start. You will NOT be disappointed.55


Asher and Brie!5 star

Got to love Asher and Bries story. Brie a vampire over 500 years old that has visions and on a mission to complete her visions and Asher a hunter just kept getting in her way. She had warned him about the compound getting attacked in the last book, but Asher had no idea why or who she was. There was a connection though or a feeling of some sort between them an he was determined to find out why. As Asher and the others from the Alliance are hunting down savages. Asher was also looking for Brie to try and find some answers. He finds her battling her way out of the building full of savages and running away from him. Asher chased her as if his life was depending on it and it really was. They fought each other as she was trying run away from him and the savages. As they got to her get away van Asher was knocked out and Brie had no choice but to take him with her. She couldn’t leave him to become a savage or die. Once they got away and it was safe enough they tied Asher up not sure what they would do with him. Brie realized she couldn’t just let him go. Asher knew she was his mate and he was going to have to work to prove his worth and trust to her. On one of her missions to find a stone Asher got shot and was dying she had to turn him in order to save him. Asher had to let her know about them being mates before she turned him to make sure that was what she wanted. When it all clicked together Brie realized she could not live without him and turned him. Thinking it was going to be to late, but he made it through the process. They finally figured out that Willow’s sword held the final stone they needed to get for Bries mission. That is when they called the Alliance and went there to explain what was going on. With the stone all together now there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but Saber stepped up to explain what he knew about them an knew someone that could help them. As Saber explained who he had been there was a gasp from me when I realized just who Saber is and now I am on the edge waiting for the next book to come out!!! This series just keeps getting better and better!55


Great Story!4 star

Asher and Brie continue the Alliance series with intrigue, steam, and adventure while bringing back some of your old favorites and introducing new. Love the story line and the love stories of this series! Brenda does not disappoint with this one!45


Loved this book!5 star

am always excited to read books in this series and I think this one is my favorite! Since great characters and I just got swept away in this book. Don’t miss out on this fabulous book!55


Oh sweet Asher!5 star

Asher had always had such a sweet loving attitude! I’ve always rooted for him hoping he would one day be the focus of a book! His story in this one isn’t easy by any means, but his sweet smile always returns! His humor and heart makes me swoon for him 😍. He has always been so steadfast in his dedication to his family and friends since book one, and his loyalty only becomes more fierce after meeting Brie! Brie is so strong and brave! Once again Brenda manages to take me to a place and a path I never saw coming. This book quickly sucked me in and took me to my happy place in the world of The Alliance! My only problem is that I AM DYING OVER THIS CLIFFHANGER AT THE END! You know a book is amazing to have you already begging for the next!55

not happy camper!!

Winner to a awesome series!5 star

First off, the author gets better with each book. The characters are so well developed that feel like you could walk past them on the street. You care about them, their lives. There is humor, steamy scenes ( sexy steamy goodness) the need for Kleenex. There is also mystery in this tale. I can’t wait for how this will play out in future books. Most vampires in storylines of other authors are not characters you want to meet in the dark. Brenda K. Davies vamps are much more human. That’s not to say they are all nice. There are truly evil ones. Which is great, a ying and yang. I can’t recommend this story highly enough. Grab it, the rest of the series if you don’t have them. The weekend is upon us. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome.55

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