Compelled: Cerise

Compelled: Cerise Summary

Sink your teeth into a steamy vampire romance from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard...

I'm a slayer. He's a vampire.

"I'm a sucker for a vampire romance, and this one delivered and then some." ~Romance Addict (5 stars)

Bard crossed the room. His reflection loomed over mine in the plate glass. "You're not afraid." He seemed curious, and a little surprised.

I sipped my vodka tonic. "No."

"Good." He tucked a curl behind my ear. "I promise you'll enjoy yourself."

"Yeah?" I took his wine glass and set it on the table, then lifted his wrist and ran my lips over the sensitive underside. His skin was cool with an earthy, very male scent. He stilled in the way vampires can so that even their sluggish heart stops beating.

"What are you doing?" His voice was strained.

I scraped my teeth over his wrist. "Earning my pay."

Welcome to the shadow world of Vampire Blood Courtesans. Where vampires are real, rich...and hungry.

I'm the perfect slayer. Smart. Sexy. And lethal.

But I want out. Just as I make plans to disappear, I'm forced to take one more job. Go undercover as a blood courtesan and slay a gorgeous blond vampire.

But it's a setup, and the only way out is to join forces with my target to find the real villain.

The last thing I expect is to fall in loveā€¦ (Cerise and Bard's story)

The Vampire Blood Courtesans.
It's not supposed to be about love...until it is.

NOTE: Compelled: Cerise was previously published in Michelle Fox's Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings.

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