Hidden Coven, The Complete Series

Hidden Coven, The Complete Series Summary

Quinn is cursed. Bobbi's a magical screw-up. Together, they just might save two worlds.

As ley-lines swell, thinning the veil between worlds, the witches of Hidden Coven guard their most precious resource—magic.

Protected by dark wards and guided by a mad seer, the coven is still vulnerable to the attacks of a true demon intent on seizing the coven's power.

In this complete series of five novellas, Bobbi begins as a novice spell-caster, more powerful and dangerous than anyone guesses. She will have to become the warrior and protector that the divine Lady sees in her.

She'll lay her life on the line.

She'll even question her sanity.

Is it all worth it to save a coven that doesn't seem to want her?

Quinn has his own demons to fight, including his cold-hearted mother and a mystical illness that threatens to take him down. Together, Bobbi and Quinn confront the family secrets that set their story in motion long before they were even born.

You'll keep turning the pages on this paranormal thriller because of its quirky characters, sizzling romance and dark intrigue.

Grab your copy now.

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