Kissed by Fire

Kissed by Fire Summary

Caught up in the supernatural slave trade, mermaid Mila Sealight needs saving, not promises of undying love from a cursed dragon. But allies are scarce, making a down-on-his-luck fire breather her only hope.When dragon Niall MacTeine boards the slaver boat with his brothers, he knows they are going to save people, he just never expected to be rescued himself. He's been cursed a long time and has started to give up hope.

Everything changes when Niall is thrown overboard while fighting the slavers and Mila gives him the 'kiss of the sea' to save him from drowning. That's when it hits him—she's the key to his freedom.

But breaking the curse that locks him in his human form requires trust and an open heart. Neither of which Mila gives lightly. Niall will have to prove he's worth the risk in order to claim his fated maiden. And he will pay the ultimate price in the process.

This is book 2 in the Maidens series but it stands alone. You'll have more fun if you read book 1 Kiss the Dragon (which was a USA Today bestseller) but it's not required.


Niall turned back toward the surface and then glanced back at me, torn. He needed to breathe, but I needed him to stay under water. I cast a quick song, a lure that forced him to me. As he came closer, unable to resist my call, I saw the panic in his eyes.

I kept singing, not nearly as heartless as he might have imagined me to be. Together, we would survive this. He just had to do what I asked. I lured him down to the bottom of the ocean, until we were face-to-face. Then, before he could think twice and make an escape, I leaned forward, capturing his lips with mine.

He was hot enough to make me gasp. A fire ran through his flesh, warming mine. I drank it in, relishing the added heat in these cold northern waters. He tasted good, too. Like salt mixed with something sweet. I couldn’t quite place where the sweetness came from, but I liked it so much, I kept darting my tongue into his mouth for more, even though that was not required for the magic I sought to cast.

Niall fought me at first, not much, but enough that I could tell he didn’t understand what I was doing. Which was mostly saving his life and mine. The fact I liked kissing him so much was immaterial. I hummed a soothing tune to relax him and deepened our kiss. Once I was satisfied the magic had taken, I sealed my lips around his and blew as much air as I could into his mouth. He gulped it in, his eyes widening as the life-giving air hit his system.

Book Reviews


Dragons and Mermaids...who'd have thought it?5 star

I really love reading Michelle Fox's books. This one is so different from her "Wolfe" books but I really enjoyed it. What is not to like if there is a dragon involved...and add a mermaid or two for interest. As I started reading this book all I could think about was it is time our Para friends headed to the sea!!! I have not read the first book in this series, but I will... In this one we get to know Mika who is searching for her sister who was taken by slavers to be sold. This book is really good and it is a 5 star read for me. Looking for more in this series!55


This mermaid is on tough chick5 star

Kissed by Fire, WOW, how to describe it. It's a fantasy, paranormal, romance, adventure with some wild twists. Our mermaid heroine Mila is a born leader. When something needs doing she's there figuring out how to get it done. Niall the dragon loves his brothers, but is taken with his maiden mate and will do anything for her. With these two what could go wrong? Everything, but they'll find a way to get through. This totally engrossing book wraps you up in a vivid fantasy. A grand adventure with emotional highs and lows, but always a hopeful attitude.55


Mila & Niall!! Simply amazing!5 star

This story is full of twists and turns that makes the reader want more. I enjoyed this book and Michelle Fox as always does not disappoint. Mila and Niall story is a whirlwind courtship not by chance but by fate.55


Mermaids and Dragons4 star

Great romance story. A fire breathing dragon and a mermaid. Who would think that fate would put them together. Humans are taking the mers and other creatures and selling them. But with the help of dragons a mermaid will come to the rescue. Now if she would only listen to her heart and see the love right in front of her. I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.45


Powerful, intense romance!5 star

This is one of the most powerful, most intense romance novels I've read! SO exciting, full of all kinds of mythical creatures and folklore! I love it. Mila is on a rescue mission, and she will find a way, even if she must use forbidden methods to accomplish it. I love these characters. There is an evil entity (or two) to battle. Mila is strong and determined; brave, even when frightened and discouraged. Niall, our dragon hero, does his best to help his mate. I highly recommend this book!55

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