Redemption, Book III of the Arotas Trilogy

Redemption, Book III of the Arotas Trilogy Summary


Discover book 3, REDEMPTION from the best-selling clean young adult paranormal and urban fantasy AROTAS series that everyone is talking about…

The series with over 6500 5* ratings
“One of the most emotional books I’ve ever read!”
Amazon Reviewer *****

“ is indescribable and amazing!”
Amazon Reviewer *****

Roseline Enescue has always been a warrior, the fiercest among her kind, but when she is stripped of her strength and left teetering on the edge of insanity, she is forced to rely on the one person she trusts the least.
As Fane and Nicolae fight to save Sadie’s life, they find themselves pulled into a tremulous truce between hunter and immortal when a string of gruesome murders break out.
The lines have been drawn and the battle preparations have begun, but only Gabriel can save them all…if he can survive the final two tasks.
The first battle may be over, but the war has only just begun.

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Book Reviews

kc girl ⭐️

Great book!5 star

Read the samples and now I’m hooked!55


Redemption4 star

The book itself is still good, but the paragraphing became muddled as opposed to the first two books in this series. It became confusing as to who or what we were talking about quite often.45

Beautifully entertained

In love.5 star

Seriously this series has captured my interest so much I can’t put the books down.55


Needs so much editing2 star

So much potential to the books. But misspellings and lack of simple editing make it difficult to read. Had high hopes but really disappointed.25


Redemption, book lll of The Arotas Trilogy2 star

Hard to follow plot. Kept on changing points of view without making any distinction what group of people are involved. One paragraph was speaking of the “Good”guys and the following one discussed what the “bad” guys were doing. It was a confusing read with a lame ending.25


Too much torture, makes it difficult to read2 star

I thought this was about a love story? In this book the characters are so gruesomely physically beaten and tortured its miserable to read, I had to force myself to finish it.25


How could you do this to me!!5 star

I can't believe how much this book has manipulated me. I have read your previous books but none of them has effected me as this one. I nearly cried my eyes out reading your books and yet I'm yearning for the next one. I love your work and respect you as a artist. BUT a little word of advice for the next readers when Rosaline prepares for battle so must you ( emotionally) because I promise you will become a reck. That's how you know this is a great book, when you feel like your about to die and the only thing keeping you alive is the thought of reading the next book. This is one of those books you be smart and READ IT!55


Redemption book 3 of the Arotas series1 star

Wasted my time and money on this book and the ones before it. Thought it would get better but unfortunately it only got worse.15


Amazing5 star

A must read! The battle had such amazing detail I can't say enough how much I love these books!55


Gory, But Worth It5 star

This series so far is the best Im just now starting Evermore and Im excited. You have to read from the start its worth it, this book has everything romance, action, a bit of horror and graphics oh and an end that will leave you craving for more. A must read!55

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