Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2)

Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2) Summary

Free of the palace, Aria is still tormented by memories of Braith… the vampire prince who shattered her heart.

Her only solace from the anguish is with Max, her best friend, and fellow blood slave. Just as Aria begins to salvage the broken pieces of her wounded spirit, a marauding group of vampires raid the caves where the rebels are temporarily sheltered.

With the security of the caves gone, and vampires hunting them, Aria tries to stay hidden while she searches for her family. She isn’t expecting to come face to face with Braith.

Haunted by Aria’s betrayal, Braith spent the past months becoming a monster. When he learns she was spotted in the woods, he tries to stay away, but finds himself drawn to the rebel who stole his heart.

Divided between their loyalties and their hearts, will their love be enough to overcome their past, or will their differences tear them apart forever?

***The Captive Series is mature YA/New Adult. This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.***

Recommended reading order for the completed Captive Series.
Captured (Book 1)
Renegade (Book 2)
Refugee (Book 3)
Salvation (Book 4)
Redemption (Book 5)
Broken (The Captive Series Prequel)
Vengeance (Book 6)
Unbound (Book 7)

Book Reviews

JC Cincy Kid

Renegade- Even BETTER!5 star

Few second books in a series are an equal to the 1st- however I’m now even more pulled into the sequence of the story. These (2) main characters are way more fascinating and inter-connected than I thought. Now- only thing to do now is move on to Book (3)! Can’t wait. JB55


Amazing5 star

Excellent books . This is the second series I’ve read and I must say best author by far55


Renegade (The Captive Series) Book 22 star

Was disappointed in book 2, found it to be very repetitive. Can't see going on in this series.25


Fantastic!5 star

What a great story! It was hard to put this book down. I have finished the first three, and I am excited to continue this series.55


Good5 star

I have re-read these books multiple times which is so like me when I enjoy the story and the characters. The relationships are done well as well as their conflict. Definitely a series I would recommend if some want a deep romance with multiple layered characters.55


surprising5 star

really good page turner love the plot!55


Renegade5 star

The love and romance sing through my heart and soul. I love this sequel to Captured A great read.55


erica stevens5 star

This book, this series has to be one of the best series i have read, and trust me when i say i have read more than two thousand books in my thirteen years of life, maybe a thousand this year and last year alone.Every book was heart warming and just postively amazing. Every step of the book was perfectly written and planned.It gives you a kind of confidence booster. the books sends the message that it is possible to touch the impossible. I have read the pride and the prejudice, dracula, and little women and these books for me at least were the classics twisted with a more modern sci-fi and fantasy outlook.55


One of the best books you'll ever read!5 star

I'm in love with these books and have been since I read them 2 years ago! I wish I could erase my memory just so I could re-read these books without knowing what would happen!55


Captured5 star

It was absolutely amazing! I'm in love with this series!!!!!55

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