Summon (Rae Wilder #4)

Summon (Rae Wilder #4) Summary

Breandan is a godling doing godless things. For the one he loves he's prepared to destroy the balance of nature. His beloved Rae has passed into the Otherworld, and he's determined to bring her back, no matter the consequence. Blood sacrifice is not the only cost for summoning a divine spirit to mortal form. The Loa are desperate to return to the realm of the living, and with Cael bitter in defeat, he considers an alliance even his coven cannot hope to control. Lochlann is conflicted. Blood tied to a vampire, his Wyld is in turmoil yet he struggles to focus on anything but Daphne. Goblins encroach on fairy borders and swarm over shifter territory. Proud, the new Pack Alpha remains reluctant to bind his kind to the fairies who betrayed them, regardless of his claim on the new High Priestess. Can the creatures of the forests coexist as they did so long ago? Family. Honour. Love. There comes a time when all dreaming ends. Rae Wilder Book Four. 13+

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B.G. 98'

One of those conclusions.5 star

This series, I read as a young teen- and now again as an adult. I must say it has proved to be one of the most emotional and heart pulling series I have ever read. Never have I cried so many times reading a book, or been truly affected in my real life by the events in a book. But this one guts me and leaves me filled with emotion reading of the beauty and unbelievable depth that is portrayed between Breandan, Rae, and their loved ones. I cannot recommend this series enough, its so well put together.. and scratches the itch of fantasy, fighting, romance, and emotional depth. For probably the 2nd or 3rd time in my life I struggle to part a book's world and crave to be apart of it/included in their futures. Bravo to Fletcher, bravo.55


Summon(wilder 4)3 star

I really have not enjoyed the way this book is written. Going from one character to another, no real story line, following their thoughts and feelings is ok for a while but throughout the whole book, confusing. Feels like the author is taking the easy way out. Writing with no real story line.35


Sad!4 star

I wanted more Tomas. Because I love Tomas.45


Beautifully ended4 star

Could've been five stars if it had continued D':45


Astonishing.5 star

The most heart warming storys I've ever read I cried and screamed I through my iPod across the room and still finished the book as If I was Rea her self.55


Finally5 star

After being pushed back I almost died from not being able to read it. Haha. I love it, the different point of views was the perfect way to finish the series. The epilogue was perfect as well. I'll miss The Rae Wilder series. :)55


Been waiting for this book forever!4 star

Sad everyone dies but the details of everything throughout this book is fantastic! Hate that the series ended but you did a great job.45

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