The Darkling Lord

The Darkling Lord Summary

Court of the Banished 1

No one trusts the banished when they gather in great numbers.

Henry Saint shouldn't exist. Every year on his birthday, he kills a criminal and takes their soul so that he may live another year. He is a darkling, not fairy but not human either. Yet he is bound by the laws of both worlds. With a new King on the throne of the fairy kingdom, Annwyn and the mortal worlds in disarray, Henry seizes the opportunity to carve out a place of his own. A court for the banished cast aside by Annwyn.

Felan, the new King of Annwyn, has one last mission for his spy Darah. He wants her to join the darkling's Court and discover why Henry is gathering a banished army. As Darah gets drawn into Henry's world she realizes he can give her the one thing she could never find in Annwyn—love. Darah must choose obey her King or follow her heart.

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