The Maze (The Coven, Book 2)

The Maze (The Coven, Book 2) Summary

Avery believed starting her senior year in a new school was the worst thing she had to face. She’s proven wrong when Regan reappears and forces her and her friends into the dangerous maze he created.

There’s only one rule: they have twenty-four hours to escape, or they’ll be imprisoned in his Nightmare realm forever. Stronger than before, it quickly becomes obvious Regan has some sinister new tricks up his sleeve as they encounter the horrors lurking within the maze.

When it’s revealed only someone with magic could have set Regan free, the coven begins to splinter, and Avery soon realizes that keeping the coven together might prove more difficult than escaping Regan’s world.

Will they make it out of the maze in time to save themselves and discover the traitor amongst them, or will they remain trapped in Regan’s world forever?

Books in this series:
Nightmares (Book 1)
The Maze (Book 2)
Dream Walker (Book 3)

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