The Vampire’s Cursed Kiss

The Vampire’s Cursed Kiss Summary

Shadowvale isn’t your typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

Vampire Constantin Thibodeaux was cured of his sun "allergy" when he moved to Shadowvale. Now he runs the local bookstore, which is really just a sideline to filling his own library. Books, unlike people, are far more forgiving of his prickly nature. But he doesn’t care if people don’t like him. He is who he is. And he’s happy. Well, he’s content. Okay, he’s…fine.

Sprite and all around party girl Andromeda Merriweather loves her carefree life – or at least she did until her sister cursed her into a magical time out. Thankfully, she’s just been set free by a totally hot, but kind of grumpy vampire. Too bad this handsome grouch now holds the key to her freedom, something she’ll only get if he agrees to abide by the rules of her curse.

Constantin isn’t interested in the terms and conditions Andromeda gives him, until he needs her to be his temporary girlfriend to shut his brother up. Then Constantin agrees. But what happens after a surprisingly fun evening creates brand new problems for both of them. Sure, two opposites can attract, but will that attraction last? Or are they both too cursed to give love a chance?

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Wow!!5 star

Another great story in this series♥️55


Vampires cursed kiss5 star

Painter did it again! What a fun read, more involved than the previous book. Love the whole town and it’s folks55

math wizard

Second Chances5 star

Meet a sprite cursed into a book by her own sister. Now enter to bookstore owner who buys the book she is cursed into. Open book and the fun begins. Andi meets Con and tells only part of the truth about the curse. There are kisses involved and more but the truth could have saved a lot of problems. There is a lesson to be learned when you have a problem and need help and you should tell all. In Andi’s case she and Con have their happy ending. An excellent romance story with a bit of mystery which I throughly enjoyed!55

Lisa Bateman

Loving this series5 star

I’m loving this series! The main characters in this book are so amazing. Andi is a strong woman without being too strong. I just loved her personality. And Constantin, or Con for short, is a growly sort of vampire who just wants to be left alone. Being hurt one time by live was enough for him. But how is he going to get away from the woman that pops out of an old book he just purchased? After all, a spell was cast on her so she is now stuck with the one who opens the book she was cursed to be trapped in. But this is Shadowvale, the place where the cursed are always welcome. I also loved Con’s brother, Val. I hope he gets a book soon. He’s quickly becoming my favorite character. I don’t know how Kristen does it, but she always brings so many characters to life with individual personality.55

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