Vampire Vintage

Vampire Vintage Summary

Maura Keegan, addicted to vampire romance novels, decides to add a Gothic section to her vintage clothing store in SoHo.  What better way to get a tax-deductible trip to Romania—and meet her future vampire mate?

Adrian, a sexy vampire living right under her nose in New York, owns a vineyard in France producing very special wine for exclusive clients. It allows him and others like him to walk in daylight and avoid snacking on strangers.

He's horrified to learn that the redhead he admires is planning to visit Romania to summon a 'real' vampire.  Adrian has every intention of being that vampire.  Only trouble is, she thinks he's a wino tourist intent on spoiling her fun.  A visit to his wacky Romanian family might help convince her he's for real, or send her screaming into the night.

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