Wolf Slayer & Vampire Undone

Wolf Slayer & Vampire Undone Summary

Forbidden temptations.


Tess Owen knows all there is to know about hunting werewolves, except what to do when you fall for one. Jonas Dale is a legend among werewolves—and dangerously sexy. Tess’s hunt for this lone wolf is intensified by a longing matched only by her prey’s passion. As a common enemy stalks them both, will desire save them or destroy them?


A werewolf’s bite has just one cure, and vampire Lucien Marchetta intends to find it. But first he must convince Professor Natalie Segova to help him. Natalie once considered Lucien a friend and protector…until he abandoned her to a terrible tragedy. If Lucien doesn’t reclaim Natalie’s heart soon, he could lose her—and everything he values—forever.

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