131 Conversations For Stepfamily Success: How to Grow Intimacy, Parent as a Team, and Build a Joyful Home

131 Conversations For Stepfamily Success: How to Grow Intimacy, Parent as a Team, and Build a Joyful Home Summary

Grow your marriage, team-up with your spouse, and create a happy, blended family home. This this conversation starters book for blended family and stepfamily success will guide you on the journey!

Stepfamilies face difficulties that traditional families never know. These challenges increased disconnect between spouses, additional heartache, and a significantly higher rate of divorce. Yet, in spite of this, stepfamily success is still possible. This book is for parents who long to defy the odds by building a joy filled home.

In this book, you will discover:
- The four unique obstacles that all stepfamilies face.
- The single most important ingredient for stepfamily success.
- Three specific actions you can take to connect with your spouse and team-up on the journey ahead.

Then, take action, with 131 creative conversation starters that foster intimacy, teamwork, and joy. This book is not filled with idealized theories that do not work in real life. Instead, it is written by a husband and wife team who are well acquainted with all of the challenges and delights of stepfamily life. Jenny and I are firm believers that God loves stepfamilies! We know that-regardless of past and current messes-God is willing and able transform your family into His masterpiece!

Stepfamily Conversation Starters Include:
- Statics report that, 66% of remarried couples break up when children are involved. What are some of the steps that you and your spouse will take to be in the 44% of
couples who defy these odds?
- Imagine that you have the ability to assign each family member a superpower. What extraordinary ability would you give to each person, and why?
- Imagine you have the ability to peer ten years into the future and preview the life of your stepfamily. Describe what you see-or hope that you see-ten years from now.

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