24 Million: Challenges and Solutions for Alienated Fathers in America

24 Million: Challenges and Solutions for Alienated Fathers in America Summary

Alienated fathers in America are confronted with myriad challenges and obstacles in maintaining active roles in the lives of their children. Foremost, many responsible, committed fathers fall by the wayside because of imbalances in the legal system, financial hardships, the cost of legal representation, and unhealthy co-parenting. 24 Million is a must-read book for all individuals concerned about the rapidly diminishing number of committed, responsible fathers in America.

24 Million, brought to you by the Fatherhood Support Network, sheds light on the epidemic of absentee fathers in America. It provides a roadmap for healing and restoration for both fathers and their families, and it challenges the fathers to accept full responsibility in their role as parents. The vision is to train men in supporting one another throughout the entire process of family restoration and to create communities that pull together to provide alienated fathers with greatly needed emotional support and physical resources.


The Fatherhood Support Network is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization whose mission is to provide resources to alienated fathers in their effort to maintain an active role in the lives of their children despite any challenges or obstacles they may encounter. The organization is supported by donations and volunteer support.

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