A Parent's Guide to Fortnite

A Parent's Guide to Fortnite Summary

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, becoming very popular very quickly. This guide will answer questions like these that you may have:
• Why do teens like it so much?
• Should I be worried if they're playing it all the time?
• Are there parental controls?
• How can I talk to them about it?
• How is a free game costing so much money?

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Sir Rami #21

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Don’t let your kids play it, it’s very cringe-worthy and is thought to be the leading cause of brain cancer in children. It has been known to accelerate and even worsen the symptoms of autism in young kids too. Your children will make ridiculous flailing motions with their arms and convulse rapidly, but don’t think they’re having a seizure, because this is in fact a Fortnite “Cringemote.” There are many of these “cringemotes” being propagated by the media, so children can acquire autism. Because if more people are autistic, less people will get married and have children. It’s a scheme by the New World Order that intends on spreading communist ideals through out the land, particularly population control. Ali A, is the chief of propaganda in this New World Order and targets mostly younger children. Because the younger children are the easier they can be manipulated and deceived. Keep your kids away from Fortnite and let them play a more fulfilling game like FIFA or Uncharted, trust me, you’ll kids will thank you in the future.35

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