Great Expectations: Becoming a Dad

Great Expectations: Becoming a Dad Summary

Few authors are better prepared to write about fatherhood than John C. Carr, a social worker and psychotherapist who understands the psychological development of both infants and men. And, as a dad of three, he's on the front lines of fathering.
Carr covers not only practical “how-tos,” but also the more elusive, emotional side of being a father. Plus, he discusses the crucial impact a father's presence has on his child-and why he should be present right from the start.
Men will find reassurance, as well as the insights and skills needed to manage work, family expectations, and their own needs as they adapt to their new role.

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A very worthwhile read4 star

This was the first baby related book that I've read since learning that my wife and I were having a little girl, and I'm glad that I ran across it. It gave me a nice overview of what I'm in store for and also motivated me to continue reading.45


So far so good!4 star

I'm not yet finished, but I noticed this had no reviews, so I thought I'd come give my initial thoughts: This is the first parenting book I've picked up, and so far it's getting me very excited for my future child. It's been pointing out a lot of things I hadn't thought of and things that had gotten me excited. It's also pointed out some stuff that's honestly a bit scary, but never in a way that made me think, "oh man, I'm not ready." instead it's only stood to make me feel more ready. I'll come back for a more thorough review when I'm done reading, and perhaps in 9 months when I can see how well it prepared me.45

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