Tenet Summary

Tenet is a global thriller whose action stretches across time zones, and stars Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington. The film displays Nolan's preoccupations, especially how Time can shift from on moment to the next,
The fact that the title - TENET - can be read forwards and backwards indicates the complexity of the film

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Great5 star

It was really good anyone who says otherwise probably just didn’t understand it55

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Watched movie for free1 star

Watched the movie for free. As it should be.15


Not Perfect, But Still Vastly Entertaining5 star

Just issues with the sound mix and editing but otherwise, another great film from Nolan 8.5/1055


🤯3 star

Perfect companion to understand the film. I watched the film before reading this... as exciting as it was it cooked my brain trying to process what I saw. I picked up the screenplay and read through half of it before watching it in theaters a second time. It helped immensely with understanding the plot and motives. Now that I've read the entire script, I'm excited to see the film a third time. The film is rather complex and having the ability to read the key details and pour over the dialogue at my leisure made it that much more enjoyable. I'd recommend this book to anyone. It's well-formatted and as enjoyable to read as it was to see on the silver screen.35

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