The 85 Investing Lessons

The 85 Investing Lessons Summary

The 85 Investing Lessons is based on the top selling investing eBook Lessons From The Successful Investor, which is now available for only $4.99, and contains 85 timeless value investing lessons to help you build a quality portfolio of value stocks that will make you wealthy. Download The 85 Investing Lessons and learn quickly - only 15 minutes - how to build wealth like the successful investor.

Book Reviews


Lame1 star

Please do not waste your time or money on this book!15


I want my $.99 back.1 star

This book wasn't worth the $.99, or the 10 minutes it took to read it.15


A few good things2 star

A few funny, things, a few good quotes. Didn't help much.25


85 investing Lessons2 star

Although I agree with most of his statements, they Will not be helpful to a new investor because they don't instruct the reader how to implement any of them. The advice is like telling someone " don't pay too much for a sweater" or "if you buy clothes made ofcolor qualityl material, it won't last very long". Everyone knows that, the questions are - how do you know whether the material is poor quality or overpriced! Cute sayings and some profound quotes by famous people but don't expect to learn anything you didn't already know.25

Ferds Perez

It will not make you rich, but it will make you a smarter investor!5 star

The best short book available, most of all it's free.55

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