Covered in Pet Fur: How to Start an Animal Rescue, The Right Way

Covered in Pet Fur: How to Start an Animal Rescue, The Right Way Summary

Non-profit organization founders Amy Beatty & Stacey Ritz discuss in detail the ins and outs of running a successful non-profit organization. From the early days of animal shelter volunteer work to currently running a sustainable and viable organization within their community, the authors discuss both their successes and failures in forming and running their organization. While non-profit organizations are often characterized as a labor of love, keen business sense, ingenuity and dedication to ones passion are essential ingredients for any business - non-profit or for-profit.

Throughout each chapter the authors pinpoint one topic and hone in on specific details to either enhance your current non-profit organization or to provide guidance and assist you in starting your own non-profit organization. A coveted how to guide for starting and operating an animal rescue, Covered in Pet Fur intertwines countless stories from the founders of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. Firsthand accounts of rescue missions, collaborative efforts with shelters and pitfalls that have been encountered along the way bring hilarity and and clarity to the world of animal rescue. With an estimated 3 to 4 million pets being euthanized annually in United States animal shelters, viable and sustainable rescue organizations are urgently needed.

Whether you are a start-up non-profit organization, an existing organization seeking growth and new ideas, or simply an individual who wants to make an impact on your own community, Covered in Pet Fur will certainly inspire, educate and at times bring you to both laughter and tears. A must read for any animal lover and anyone who truly wants to make the world a better place through insight and action.



"I met the authors almost five years ago and immediately was drawn to their project because of their passion and dedication to our furry friends. I learned a little from them through brief conversation but not until I read their book did I fully understand the ins and outs of what they were doing. I really enjoyed their book (which was very well written) as it gave the good, the bad and the ugly--they left no stone unturned."-Mark and Janet Garlikov

"5-Stars! Great book for anyone that is considering fostering, starting their own rescue or starting any non-profit (though it is geared to animal rescue, there are still points any nonprofit can use)."

"This is a unique perspective on animal rescue and the only book of its kind on the market. The two authors have years of hands-on experience working in animal rescue and share their collective wisdom on all aspects of shelter rescue: the good, the bad and the ugly. There are harrowing, heartbreaking and inspiring stories mixed with practical step-by-step tips on how to plan, organize and run a rescue group. Covered in Pet Fur is a brutally honest primer for anyone thinking they want help rescue animals and those already volunteering or working in rescue or shelters."- Layla Morgan Wilde

"Couldn't put it down! Full of useful information for those considering starting a nonprofit and covers pretty much everything you can think of."-Amanda K. Stanley

"This was a great read on how Advocates 4 Animals started with great suggestions and points to consider for starting one's own rescue. I loved the stories about the animals the author had experiences with and would have enjoyed more stories in the overall content."- Jean, Canada

"This book is a MUST HAVE! Great book! Really gives you insight into the world of rescue. It teaches you how to make an impact on your community as an individual or as a group." -Katrina Thompson

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Excellent5 star

Great info, very helpful!55


Loved it!5 star

Loved reading this book! Great real life advice.55


Loved this book!5 star

Highly recommend.55


A Must Read Book for Anyone Who Loves Animals5 star

Great book. Helpful info, real life experiences. Great!!!55


Love this book!5 star

Excellent info and real life examples from professionals in the animal rescue field. Terrific!55

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