My Life Among the Underdogs

My Life Among the Underdogs Summary

From one of the most respected figures in the dog rescue community come the harrowing, funny, and inspiring stories of nine incredible dogs that shaped her life.

Tia Torres, beloved underdog advocate and star of Animal Planet's hit show Pit Bulls & Parolees, chronicles her roller-coaster life in this heartwarming memoir featuring some of her best-loved dogs. With inimitable honesty and characteristic brashness, Tia captures the spirit and heart of these intelligent and loving canines, while carrying us behind the scenes of her TV show, into the heart of post-Katrina New Orleans, onto the soundstages of Hollywood films, and even to the jungles of Sri Lanka.

Tia has devoted her life to shattering the stereotype that pit bulls are dangerous, vicious predators. As the top dog at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, the largest pit bull rescue in the United States, she and her team have rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed hundreds of animals that might otherwise have been destroyed. As she puts it, "Most of the stories in this book are about animals (and a few humans) that needed someone to believe in them and a purpose in order to show their true nobility."

Each dog Tia writes about here has overcome abuse, trauma, neglect, or just bad luck to become a stalwart, loving companion to Tia and her family. You'll meet Duke, whose intelligence and matinee-idol looks made him a star in movies and music videos; Junkyard Joe, whose single-minded passion for tennis balls was channeled into expertise as a drug-sniffing dog; Bluie, the unswerving protector of Tia's daughter Tania; and a host of other unforgettable canines.

My Life Among the Underdogs is above all a love story--one that is sure to grip the heart of anyone who has ever loved a dog.

Book Reviews


The best book2 star

I love the show Pitbulls & Parolees, I am inspired by Tia and her family. This book only attached all of them closer to my heart, and caused me to reflect in so many parts of my life. This book, and all it stands for, is incredible. Worth every minute spent reading it25


Inspiring5 star

Tia Torres has a gift for distilling the truth she wants to convey in the story of each dog’s life she shares in her book. The honesty with which she relates each story just makes the book that much more riveting. Would that we humans have a little more of that ability to live in the moment and just a fraction more forgiveness and this world would be a different place. May we all “survive the bad stuff long enough to find our true purpose”.55


Amazing story5 star

As I read your book i was glad i had seen the show cause as I read the book I could hear tias voice in my head as if she was reading it to me. The book is so well written that I laughed and cried with tia and her family all the through the book. I think animal lovers and even some none animal lovers will really enjoy this book55


Real stories, Heartfelt and Raw5 star

Loved the book, hope Tia will share more with us in the future. A must read.55


Heart Touching Memoir5 star

As I read this book, which was hard to put down, I could hear Tia's voice as I read every word in every chapter. It brought me to tears, made me laugh and I can actually see the butt wiggle and tail wag. To all that you care for and all those that are looking down from doggie heaven, we thank you with every fiber of our beings!55


Great read4 star

Disappointed there are no pics of the doggies. 😔45


Great5 star

I haven’t read it yet but iam sure it’s great because she works very hard on and off the show and so does her family and worker and anyone else who helps out the dogs .i think it’s great what they do.55

zeke lover

My life amoung the under dog5 star

I love you tia torres and I watch your show I love all of your workers to even mariah tania and lizzy there good workers and my sister ask me what I wanted for Christmas and I said your book and she said that I better read it and I am I was so excited when I seen your episode on tv and said your makeing a book and I look up to you because I have a American bulldog and he’s kinda like a pit bull but not really and I have a k9 named zeke who is a Belgian melon wall and Tia keep up the good the good work pit bulls Parolees and it’s such a good show I can’t wait for season ten to comes out this is by Jocelynn Sparks I hope You read this55


My life amongst the underdogs5 star

Great read! Tia is a pit bull in her own right. Strength, courage and full of love that knows no boundaries!55


A story worth reading5 star

All I have to say is pick the book up if you wanna understand tia55

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