Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse

Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse Summary

If you're starting a horse or need to turn around an older horse that's proving a challenge, round pen training is your very first step.

The changes you can make there are amazing - but to make these advances, you'll need to know that there is a tried-and-true system. It's more than simply running a horse around in circles; there are objective and progressive steps. It's easy - but you can't go in without a plan.

This guide to the proven methods of John Lyons, shows you exactly what to do, in which specific order, and why. Follow this material as written to turn around older horses, those "set in their ways," as well.

Section I of "Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse" gives you a 5-day, step-by-step plan to take with you to the round pen.

Section II goes on to offer 10 more lessons that you'll need to teach your young horse at this point in his life, (haltering, leading, lungeing, vices, gaining respect, hoof care, trailer loading & more).

Train your horse:

* to become a willing partner
* to deal with its fear
* to be ready for the first farrier visit
* to be much safer for you and your family to be around

Build a strong foundation for your green horse - or reset the attitude of a more mature horse. Do it today! He's only getting bigger!

Section I: Round Penning
Day One: Where Do I Start?
Day Two: Come To Me
Day Three: Spook in Place
Day Four: Sacking Out
Day Five: Picking Up Feet

Section II: Beyond the Round Pen
* How to Halter Train a Horse
* Teaching Your Horse to Lead
* Leading a Stubborn Horse
* Lungeing a Horse: How, When & Why
* Manners & Vices
* Biting Horses
* Whoever Moves First Loses (How to Get Respect)
* "I'm Scared of My Horse, Please Help" (The Intimidating Horse)
* Trailer Training Your Horse Using the Roundpen
* Cool trick or fix for problems at the mounting block: Teach a Horse to Sidepass Toward You on the Ground
* Is My Horse Hard to Train... Because of His Feet?

*Note: This book does not address first saddling, it brings you right up to that point. That'd be the next step.

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