How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs

How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs Summary

The iPhone is an amazing tool. It is a phone, a database, a web browser, a camera, a video recorder and more. But this amazing array of features may overshadow the iPhone’s arguably greatest feature: its camera's ability to capture a moment in time. 
This book will teach you how to use the iPhone camera in ways you never dreamed, to fully capture the moment and to create amazing photographs.  You will learn about the basics of crafting images with the iPhone but also about interesting options such as infrared and underwater photography. You will see how to perform high-speed panning to capture a subject in motion and produce stunning images. You will learn about securing your meta data and iCloud. And finally you will learn about backing up your data.
I present a wide variety of apps, accessories and hardware, as well as tips and tricks, to aid you in creating your photographic art. I hope my sample images will inspire your creativity.
When you have finished reading this book, you will know how to use your iPhone to create amazing art and lasting memories.

Book Reviews


Fantastic beginner book5 star

This is a really good book for beginner or intermediate iPhone photographers. Has a wealth of information both about using the iPhone and a multitude of cool apps to supplement your experience. Highly recommended.55


So irritated….1 star

I heard about this book on MacBreak Weekly. I was so excited to get it as I am not a photographer and thought it would be a great learning source. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CAN"T VIEW IT ON THE IPHONE! I usually really look at the requirements but this time I just clicked Buy out of blind trust. I don't own an iPad. I can't even view it on my iMac. No way to get my money back I suppose. What a disappointment.15


Beautiful book5 star

Useful material but also what a good example of what is possible with iBooks.55


Duh....1 star

How to create amazing IPHONE photographs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and can only be viewed on an IPAD ? Someone has "missed the boat" here.15

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