Jones' Tooth Ache

Jones' Tooth Ache Summary

Popping corn Jones bites into an ‘old maid,’ “Boy that hurts, and I checked for ‘old maids.’”
Rage rushes to his side as he spits a few things into his hand, “Does it hurt?”
“What do you think?”
“Don’t move, I have just what you need,” coming back she hands him a greenish wad of maybe cotton, “Put this on your tooth. Granny’s best for tooth pain.” He hurts enough to try anything.
She says, “You can see my dentist on Monday. You may need several wads for your tooth.”
She continues, “Can you still pull the taffy? If not, I will.”
“Yes, the tooth is feeling better, let’s pull it.”
The taffy goes a little cool and Rage likes it warm She cuts several pieces and puts them in her micro-wave oven for a short time. They come out just right for pulling.

Later Rage asks, “What would you do if it happened in the field?”
“They have a tooth repair kit, it can fix anything; besides, there is no popcorn in the field.”
“You have one right? I will get it and fix that tooth,” which she does.
A call to the Colonel and in two days an army dentist repairs the tooth, and all is fine.

A week later at Rage’s home, she warms some taffy and Jones goes to the floor screaming.
Jones gets up off the floor, “Are you ok, what happened? It could not be your tooth is it?”
“My tooth about killed me, I had nothing in my mouth, nothing was touching it. Maybe a delayed reaction. I am fine now. Maybe I should go home.”
“No way. You could be driving when it happens again. You are here until I can get you into my dentist.”
“If you are now fine, what were you doing that caused it to go off?”
They can find nothing to explain the pain.

Rage notices, “The taffy is cold, I will give it 4-seconds,” Jones screams on the floor until the timer dings.

The next morning early, Rage has her micro-wave oven checked for leakage, but nothing is found. They call the Colonel with their suspicions. Rage and Jones go down the same day to the military base. He meets them at the gate, a most unusual event for the gate guards. The Colonel directs them to a building guarded by MPs, and they are at every door in the building. The dentist that fixed the tooth last week has a temporary office set up in the building.

Will they fix Jones’ tooth? Why are the two of them on the shooting range blowing away metal targets and have assigned to them, their own personal MP? Also they have their own room in this secret building with MPs at every hall junction!”
What secret experiments have they walked into? Is this another event that never happened?

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