Officer Friendly

Officer Friendly Summary

Jones left his home state after the Navy Seals looking for police work. He lands in Seattle wanting SWAT but takes a patrolman’s job. He is waiting for a SWAT position to open. He gets into a shootout that saved many senior officers with another junior patrolman by the name of Rage, a female officer. They both were given awards for their actions.
A drug bust goes bad, and the Lieutenant refuses to fire on the building. Jones takes up a firing position and waits. Those in the buildings have the police in a cross fire and begin firing. Jones holds the shooters at bay for a time. The drug dealers run a poorly set up road block and escape. The Lieutenant will survive his gun shot.
His time as Officer Friendly’s helper has him free an innocent man.
Shadowing car thefts to their location showed Jones’ ability to think on his feet.
He is given an open requisition to buy new clothes, shoulder holster and work in the Dispatch Center to improve it.
He takes vacation and his cousins back home bring a few jugs of moon shine. This is the reason he stayed away from local policing in his state.

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