The Bermuda Triangle. The cover-up of Caribbean War

The Bermuda Triangle. The cover-up of Caribbean War Summary

The Bermuda Triangle, one of the biggest cover-ups of the post war.
A myth made by the US censorship system in the face of the attempt to conceal the attacks of Nazi submarines on the Atlantic coast, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
Hundreds of ships of all tonnage, hundreds of planes both military and civilian. More than one hundred German submarines operated in the Gulf of Mexico and more than 1,000 ships were sunk within metres of the
All this under the silence of the censorship of the American state. 
Today with the new underwater mapping technologies The mystery comes to an end. Mining explorations in search of resources corner the myth and raise from the seabed the silent witnesses of the massacres
perpetrated by the German U-Boot under the quiet gaze of censorship.

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