The Greatest Relationship Secret

The Greatest Relationship Secret Summary

Discover the most significant factor for understanding your relationships and making them work. This ‘secret’ determines the experiences you have in your relationships, yet most people aren't even aware of it operating.

This ebook explains a leading-edge development in our understanding of the human psyche and what that reveals about how relationships work.

This involves realising we all have various inner selves that make up who we are - such as our responsible self and our inner needy child, our adventurous part and our cautious self, our inner critical parent and our inner rebel. 

How your inner selves and your partner's inner selves operate in your relationship affects what happens in your relationship.

This secret is the key to really knowing yourself and those closest to you, and how to effectively deal with relationship issues.

It's also the secret to why you attract particular people and why you are attracted to particular types, even though consciously you might want something different.

And it's the key to a whole lot more! When you become aware of your inner selves, you can start to make more conscious choices in all areas of your life. For example, you'll be able to see how the different parts of you have different ideas about your goals and why some of those parts might 'sabotage' a goal. You then have the opportunity to consider the perspectives and needs of all the parts involved and to take charge of your psychological car.

The Greatest Relationship Secret is by author of The Simplest Relationship Remedy and The Perfect Relationship Astra Niedra, an Australian Voice Dialogue and Psychology of Selves teacher whose work is endorsed by personal growth leaders and therapists worldwide.

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❤️5 star

Learned a lot! Awesome book!55


Inspirational and moving5 star

Very intelligent, strong willed book. Takes the point of view of an individual and looks at it from both sides. In a nutshell it discusses things you may, of may not already know and makes me more aware and conscious of who you are.55

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