The Quest

The Quest Summary

By winning the 2016 Roland-Garros, Novak Djokovic entered tennis legend. After a decade of chase, the Serbian finally put his hands on the French Open trophy, completing his Career Grand Slam and achieving something no male player had done for 47 years: winning four Grand Slam titles in a row.

The Quest is the inside story of this historical win, of a two week chase after a trophy that was haunting Djokovic’s dreams and nightmares. It’s a unique look into the world and the mind of the game’s greatest champions. The heartbreaks, the prowess, the scars, the tears, the injuries, the doubts: the Djoker went through everything in Paris. But on this day in June, he found a way to unlock history, lifted by a crowd and a country that had adopted him.

Djokovic’s triumph in Paris is a story of resilience and bouncing back against all odds. A story of soul crushing losses. A story of rivalries. Inside one of the most impressive periods of domination ever achieved. Even if the victory would come with a price to pay, Djokovic’s triumph is a life lesson: there is no curse, so never give up.

For that story, the author Carole Bouchard, French tennis reporter for national and international medias, conducted exclusive interviews with Novak Djokovic and his team, including his two coaches at the time, Marian Vajda and Boris Becker. Among the many other witnesses: the great Rod Laver, some of the best coaches in the history of the game, high profile former and current players, insiders from the French Open among others.

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