13 and Above

13 and Above Summary

The Senior Scout Handbook, 13 and Above, volume 2, welcomes you to a world of fun-filled, exciting adventures unique only to Scouting. This is the sequel to the first volume and a special one, too. Special because, unlike any other book that comes along your way, that you discard after going through it once, this is meant to be your constant companion. It will serve as your compass in guiding you as you navigate your way along the adventure-packed Eagle Scout trail.
13 and Above will pave the way into manhood. It will pluck out, from your natural curiosity, your enthusiasm for learning through challenging activity in the wilderness. It beacons you to explore and learn the things you would need as you enter adulthood.
May you find this book a rewarding reading experience, and may it serve you well in the years to come.

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