Handbook for Boys

Handbook for Boys Summary

Welcome to Boy Scouting!

You are now joining more than three and a half million other boys and their leaders nationwide enjoying the game of Scouting. Lots of fun awaits you in the various activities of your Patrol and Troop. The skills that you will learn will help you to be of service to your fellowmen and your community. You will meet new friends and acquire wholesome experiences in camping, hiking, observation, swimming, first aid, pioneering, social activities, and social graces.

The rules on how to play the game of Scouting are found in this book. You will learn how your Troop and Patrols are organized. You will read about the heart of Scouting which is the most important and enjoyable part – the Advancement Program.

To learn its content by heart, you must read this handbook very often. The activities are easy to follow. They will make you enjoy the Scouting trail to citizenship.

This handbook is your constant guide and companion.

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