How to Do Just About Anything

How to Do Just About Anything Summary

Wouldn't it be nice to have a single volume that tells you how to, say, learn the basics of calligraphy, develop an aerobic exercise routine, and increase your computer memory? How to Do Just about Anything gives you all these plus more than 1,200 clearly laid- out directions for everything from home repair and appliance maintenance to answers to etiquette questions. This browser's feast is more than a match for the Internet, with every page serving up something to capture your interest. (Look up Pilot lights and you'll probably find yourself reading about how easy is it to make Pimientos.)

A sampling of the things you'll learn to do, organized here by type:
Home, garden, and auto Make a simple cushion cover; build and maintain a pond; cut gasoline costs
Food and drink Match pasta shapes to sauces; make your own butter; cure a hangover
Health and fitness Measure your blood pressure; give CPR; learn Pilates
Clothing and grooming Store clothes properly; tie a bow tie; banish dandruff
Behavior and etiquette Impress a date; deflect bullying; escape a bore
Family matters Draw up a family tree; organize a successful reunion; housetrain a pet
Sports and games Make sense of rugby; win at Scrabble; work a cryptic crossword
Arts and crafts Draw a face; learn embroidery basics; make silk flowers
Nature Identify animal footprints; choose the right campsite; survive an avalanche
Electronics and the Web Unfreeze an iPad; start a blog; sell goods on eBay

Easy-to-understand instructions (often step-by-step) can turn even the most all-thumbs adult or youngster into an enthusiastic do-it- yourselfer. All told, How to Do Just About Anything is a practical-and highly enjoyable-book for the whole family.

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