Key Concepts in Media and Communications

Key Concepts in Media and Communications Summary

A sprightly, critical and intelligent guided tour around the mansion of media and communications/cultural research... enormously useful for students and researchers.- James Curran, Goldsmiths, University of LondonA highly comprehensive guide to core concepts in media theory and criticism.- Andrew Goodwin, University of San FranciscoA great resource for new under-grads and something I urge my students to buy and use as a hand first 'port of call' throughout their studies.- Paul Smith, De Montfort UniversityThis book covers the key concepts central to understanding recent developments in media and communications studies. Wide-ranging in scope and accessible in style it sets out a useful, clear map of the important theories, methods and debates. The entries critically explore the limits of a key concept as much as the traditions that define it. They include clear definitions, are introduced within the wider context of the field and each one: is fully cross-referenced is appropriately illustrated with examples, tables and diagrams provides a guide to further reading. This book is an essential resource for students of media and communications across sociology, cultural studies, creative industries and of course, media and communications courses.

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