The 12 Gauge Shotgun A Beginners Manual for Home Protection

The 12 Gauge Shotgun A Beginners Manual for Home Protection Summary

The danger of home invasion as a form of criminal assault is becoming more prevalent in various parts of the world, often resulting in serious injury and death of the victims. Access to firearms and proper training in the use thereof may be the difference between life and death when seconds are ticking away and a response by law enforcement authorities often several minutes or hours too late. As aggressive as the criminal community is in the planning and execution of these heinous crimes, legislators are also aggressively limiting the access of their citizens to firearms.

Faced with creeping legislation banning many firearm types, the citizen with access to a shotgun is in posession of a viable and powerful option to defend against the danger of home invasion. This manual explains the proper use of a shotgun within the confines of one's dwelling as a last resort.

The manual investigates the use of a shotgun for home protection from the novice's point of view, how the ordinary citizen can use the shotgun effectively, irrespective of gender, age or size and with no prior law enforcement or military experience. It dispels myths often associated with the shotgun and indicates how the user can develop a sound defensive platform.

Irrespective of whether the defender has access to a single shot shotgun, a double barrel, a manual pump action or semi auto, the basic function and operation of all types are discussed to allow the user to effectively use any shotgun that is legal to own and within budget. The focus is on helping the user to develop appropriate skills to successfully defend against an attack and that focus is much wider than the type of shotgun.

The manual comprises twenty five chapters that explain the shotgun, the ammunition it uses, how stopping power works, psychological preparation and basic survival inside a building. Invasions are often planned to use the military principles of surprise, speed and overwhelming force. The manual investigates all the possible remedies a potential defender can employ to ensure survival of the defender and loved ones.

Principles such as accuracy and shot dispersion are detailed. Suggestions on how to accessorize the shotgun are made. Innovative techniques to manage recoil are shared as well as how to reload the gun fast with new ammunition. All the principles and fundamentals to master are outlined to help the shotgun user to use the firearm fast and intuitively. Vital areas of attackers to hit are explained.

In the manual the analysis of your home layout is discussed to help you to prepare for survival should you and your loved ones ever be attacked by lawless home invaders. It provides a basis to understand the razor thin margin between life and death and how the shotgun can help you to prevail.

The use of the shotgun as impact weapon in dire emergency is covered and a few principles regarding weapon retention as well. Basic techniques to search for intruders are covered and principles of overcoming challenges by night and darkness shared.

The 12 Gauge Shotgun: The Beginners Manual for Home Protection provides a wealth of knowledge that will save the lives of the innocent in case of a violent encounter with home invaders.

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