Select Spiritual Writings of Yogi M.K. Spencer

Select Spiritual Writings of Yogi M.K. Spencer Summary

Yogi Minocher K. Spencer (1888-1958) was a Zoroastrian spiritualist whose mission was of love, service and to spread enlightenment by writing books for the New Age of Spirituality. His wrote a number of great books like How I Found God, The Other World, Oneness with God and books of spiritual hymns, poems and songs. This unique edited volume is collection of his following other three very important rare spiritual books which have remained out of print for over five decades. Book I: Joyous mysticism in World Religions (1947) Deals with Mysticism and Religion, Matter and Spirit, Occultism and, Mysticism in various religious traditions. Book II Religion in life (1948) Presents the essentials of world religions lucidly discusses the themes of Love, Faith, Prayers, Meditation, Asceticism and New Age. Book III: Divine Discourses: It provides a refreshing exposition of Liberation, Immortality, Birth and Death, Maya, Paths of Devotion, Wisdom and Meditation. The editor Prof. S.P.Ruhela is an educationist and great admirer of Yogi Spencer.

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