The Little Black Book for Lent 2015

The Little Black Book for Lent 2015 Summary

This Little Black Book is your companion for Lent 2015. It’s an old-fashioned “vade mecum” (pronounced vahday maykum). That’s Latin for “travel with me” and was used to describe a book that was a constant companion – perhaps a condensed book of prayers for traveling priests, or a handbook for quick reference – something you could take with you anywhere.
The right-hand pages walk through Luke’s passion narrative, a few verses at a time, with explanations and reflections along the way. It’s an ancient way of praying the Scriptures – calledlectio divina.
The left-hand page has a variety of quotes, information, and timely thoughts. Treat it like a buffet table from which you can take what you like. (If pressed for time, go directly to the right-hand page and spend your time there.) On Sundays and on various left-hand pages, we’ll especially call to mind the poor this Lenten season, remembering Pope Francis’ words that “(a)mong our tasks as witnesses to the love of Christ is that of giving a voice to the cry of the poor.”
We won’t start reading the Gospels until Ash Wednesday. But we’ll start the six-minute program on Sunday, February 15 (the Sunday before Ash Wednesday), which will give us three days to get ready for Lent.

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