Unthinkable Summary

It is the simplest of concepts that have the most profound implications and are the most elusive. In this book commonly held beliefs about the most familiar notions are challenged, and human tendencies that hinder progress and freedom of the self are highlighed. Some of the concepts discussed in this work are not what readers will find immediately attractive or as having much significance - a discussion of religion or god is clearly off-putting, weighted down by stereotypes existing in different cultures that are instigated by political agendas, making them unappealing to the general population in a myriad of ways. But if these concepts are properly understood, they are inescapable and essential to our life, happiness and fulfillment, both personal and social - a task recently taken up by Behavioural Sciences. Core concepts of the latter as well as the Psychology of decision-making are discussed and elaborated on, and used to hazard obvious but unfamiliar definitions of the aforementioned concepts.

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