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The fourth edition of this highly acclaimed text continues to help young people unlock the doors to the world’s major religious traditions. This edition includes a new, contemporary design and key features that will make the text even easier to use: definitions of terms on the page where the term occurs, a new master glossary, and engaging activities interspersed within the core content. World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery ‒ Fourth Edition helps eleventh- and twelfth-graders understand the people, dimensions, and religious principles of the world’s major religions. This interactive edition also adds the following features: highlighting for taking notes and quickly jumping back to important content, PowerPoint presentations that offer additional content related to the chapter, and links to online videos that explore aspects of the featured religious tradition.

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Krysta Elias

Awesome, ignore the stupid comments and low ratings on here 🙄5 star

This book covers a bunch of different religions in the world in an easy to understand and simplified way. Obviously doesn’t include every single detail ever but it provides a solid basis for understanding the religions. I loved this book and it was well worth the read. Great for learning. Some of these other comments are just plain stupid and it’s sad. Deserves a much better rating than these people are giving it. Five stars :)55

Dumb Face McFart

*Grabs Crotch*1 star



No Yee From Mee1 star

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This book5 star

This book is very rad! Would recommend to a friend55


This book dumb1 star

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God is no real4 star

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Useful4 star

This book is pretty good.45


Whack1 star

This book is whack15

Silent Bomber

Terrible1 star

Did not like this book15

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World Religions


World Religions

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