Written on Our Hearts Third Edition

Written on Our Hearts Third Edition Summary

This in-depth course brings to life the books of the Old Testament, with a full-color student text that covers the most important stories and passages of the Old Testament and guides students as they read the Bible. The one-semester course can be taught to ninth-graders but is ideal for tenth- and eleventh-grade students.

With an emphasis on the context and spiritual meaning of the Old Testament, this text includes an extensive discussion of the Ten Commandments, sidebars featuring prayers in the Old Testament, historical and biblical timelines, review questions, reflective activities, and a full-color design with maps, charts, photos, and artwork that help make the Old Testament come alive for students.

The third edition features updates to the text that reflect current Scripture scholarship and the cultural experience of today's teens, new illustrations and photos, and a new glossary of biblical terms.

Book Reviews


Big Yoshi1 star

Our class used this once. Just look up the passages on the internet instead. The worst fiction book I ever read. 2/10 Not enough pictures15

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wishhh

OooooooOf1 star

I havent read it yet but i heard its bad from the reviews15


Disappointing1 star

i sat in class and pulled this book up on my laptop and began to read. the cover seemed creative and light yet thought out yet the actual book was not. i dimmed my screen in disappointment at how the book made it seem like i too could be god. only my teacher was able to explain how that in fact isnt true. but how?! positivity can take you anywhere but this book was written by a small group of apes. i highly discourage purchasing yet im still intrigued....15


Meh1 star


Jesus dat boi Christ

I can read5 star

I actually can't read but I'm sure it was a good book55


Nils5 star



don't buy this book!!!!!1 star

This piece of trash is a disgrace to humanity,it is trash,and it serves no other purpose but to make people think that one day their magical sky daddy will save them,this book's authors make Sarah Palin look like a genius!15

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