All God's Children

All God's Children Summary

Beth Bridgewater, a German American, finds herself in a nightmare as World War II erupts—a war in which she takes no side, for she is a Quaker pacifist. Just as she gains opportunity to escape Germany, Beth decides to stay to help the helpless. Meanwhile, Josef Buch, a passionately patriot German, is becoming involved in his own secret ways of resisting the Nazis. . . . Despite their differences, Beth and Josef join together in nonviolent resistance—and in love. Does their love stand a chance. . .if they even survive at all?

The Peacemakers Series:
Book 2: Simple Faith - Available March 2014

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Excellent5 star

I kept hearing how really good this book was, and though not normal for me, I made the time to read it. I agree this is a very good book. I can hardly wait to get the next in the series. Thank you, Anna Schmidt!55

Marsha Mcavoy

All Gods Children5 star

Absolutely a great read. Keeps your interest all the way through. I highly recommend it !55


All God’s Children5 star

Outstanding! I couldn’t stop reading until the last word. I loved it and highly recommend it to be read.55

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