Post-Apocalyptic Box Set: Ava's Crucible

Post-Apocalyptic Box Set: Ava's Crucible Summary

A Stolen Election. An Unlikely Heroine. The Second American Civil War.

The deck is stacked against twenty-nine-year-old Ava. She's a fighter, but she's got trust issues and doesn't always make the best decisions. Her personal complications aren't without merit, but America is on the verge of a second civil war, and Ava must pull it together if she wants to survive.

Trouble seems to follow Ava where ever she goes. The onset of the Second American Civil War should be no different. Caught in a vicious protest, she'll have to do the unthinkable to stay alive.

Life only gets more difficult for Ava when she spots a sinister figure watching her every move. Who is the strange man with the scar on his face and what does he want with Ava?

Political discord between right and left has reached the flashpoint. Hostile rhetoric has given way to bloodshed and brutality.

The tentacles of the deep state have infiltrated every facet of American culture. The public education system, entertainment industry, and mainstream media have all been hijacked by a shadow government intent on fomenting a communist revolution in the United States. The antagonistic message of this agenda has poisoned the minds of America's youth who are convinced that capitalism and conservatism are responsible for all the ills of the world. Violent protest and widespread destruction will bring America to her knees.

Don't miss this chilling tale of America's Civil War 2.0! Start reading today and get a glimpse of the dark future in store for our country.

This is the complete three-book box set including:

Book One: Divided We Fall

Book Two: Embers of Empire

Book Three: United We Stand

As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this book contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you're offended by conservative principles and references to Scripture, this book might not be for you.

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