Chained Hands

Chained Hands Summary


My husband sold me.

Not only did he sell me, but he told me he loved me while doing the deal.

What lies he tells.

Only fools believe him.

Unfortunately, one of those fools was…

.. me.


Not in the habit of buying women.

I didn't need to.

I was a king of my realm, the devil you whispered about in your sleep.

So when his debt fell due, he sold me his wife.

And I was happy because I wanted to play with her like any fool would.

And play with her, I did.

Pity, in the end, I would have to kill her.

*Mafia Romance*

Book Reviews

SJ Holmes

YESSSS!!!5 star

I was looking for a good mafia romance, and this delivered! I love that there were unexpected twists but they all added so much to the story. The development of the FMC was beautiful and I am so glad that we got insight into her transformation. On to book 2 now!!55


Captivating and exciting5 star

This book will keep you mesmerized throughout all pages. I was very excited for this book and it did not disappoint. The story moves a bit too fast but the narrative all falls into place! Very excellent book !55


Gritty and sexy4 star

Gritty, violent, steamy and sexy. Checks all my boxes for a romance novel.45


In love5 star

Omg i was in love with this book!! It was oddly a sexy romantic book!!! Read in one day55


Dark and gritty4 star

This is the first book in the duet. It’s dark , twisted and gritty and the cliffhanger. I was intrigued by the blurb and the story was not easy but once I started I wanted to know what would happen with Sailor. Keir is a mafia king and unapologetically gets whatever he wants . I want to read the next book in the duet to see how the story would unfold.!45


Small escape from reality.5 star

At first the book had a spin off similar to a movie I believe we are all familiar with however it spun off to an unexpected twist and I can’t help but love it. I anticipate the book #2 my heart can’t take waiting little over a month for it. I love a book that helps me escape reality which is exactly what this did.55



I actually learned about this book via social media. It caught my attention so much that I preordered it three weeks before it dropped. Needless to say it was such a good book that I also have the next one preordered. I cannot wait.55


Amazing book!5 star

Love love love this book! Finished it in a day beyond excited for the second book!55

Army Spouse

Definitely Chained5 star

She is married, essentially chained to her HEA husband. Or is she? Then her husband sells her and chains her to HIM, hot, alpha, dark, mysterious, mafia king. No matter the tug of war and who is pulling whom where, these two are dynamite hot for each other. I am so waiting for book 2! I need to know what happens to her and him❤️55

Virna Thompson

Devoured it!4 star

I was so intrigued when I read the blurb for Chained Hands by T.L. Smith and was not disappointed. This was a story about a mafia king and his toy, but things never go as planned. Keir rules his world as he pleases and answers to no one. He is cold, determined, and ruthless. Sailor was sold/given to Kier by her husband, yes, you read that right, to settle his debts. She is not ready for Keir, but I loved watching her stand up for herself. She is fierce and resilient. Both knew this would be temporary and yet, their chemistry and connection was intense and undeniable. I could not stop turning to the pages and then bam, that ending! Cannot wait for the next book in the duet. Happy reading!45

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