Dumping Princes

Dumping Princes Summary

"Funny exposé of It-girlschool life.” ELLE GIRL UK
“A right royal read” THE MAYFAIR TIMES UK
“It is sure to have fans of the previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA
If you love Malory Towers you will love St Augustine's even more!
Tyne O’Connell is the Enid Blyton of our day, with her boarding school tales of St Augustine's, set right by Eton college & Windsor Castle, & for a dash of royal glamour, there is the very real possibility that you might be rooming with a princess or better still pulling A Prince!
At St Augustine's & nearby Eton College, attended by the Royal Princes, O’Connell gives teenagers everywhere the chance to experience the centuries old traditions of English Boarding Schools, with their midnight feasts, dorm raids & illicit trysts with boys along the bluebell pathways of ancient Puller's Woods.
Best of all, readers get to experience this uniquely exclusive world of royals & privilege from someone whose lived it through her own & her three children's boarding school adventures.
The St Augustine's boarding school series are must read classics for all ages.
After all the boarding school action the series continues with the same characters at Oxford, London & into the Royal Castles where HRH Freds FAMED house parties offer a cheeky peak of the royals & friends at play.
Calypso is an ordinary American teen, plunged into the extraordinary world of the ancient British Boarding School system with all its mad traditions & customs, surrounded by the daughters of international royalty & rock-stars.
Based on the author’s own children’s antics at boarding school, these books are like being let in on the sensational secret life of Britain’s teen aristocracy.
In this bonkers world, where everyone’s titled, entitled or both - dorm raids, midnight feasts, illicit dashes to London’s hottest nightclubs on the midnight train & moonlit picnics in the infamous Pullers Woods that separates the two ancient schools, the stakes are high!
While her friends spend their time posting YouTube clips & manipulating the media, Calypso has won the G.B. National Fencing trails & managed to pull HRH Prince Freds - floppy-haired heir to the throne.
So when Freds does the unthinkable & breaks up with Calypso, breaking the ancient lore that forbids any St Augustine’s girl from ever being dumped, it sets in motion a school-wide scheme for a Royal Counter Dump.
Can Calypso win Freddie back? And if she can, will she be able to dump him?
An American Library Association QUICK PICK for Young Adults

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