Untouchable Summary

They agreed. All pleasure, no complications. Until their hearts get involved.

Do it right, or don’t do it at all. London Chantelle’s mantra has brought her to the brink of success as a public relations consultant. Landing a contract with Whitestone International will push her career to the next level—if her ideas get past the firm’s legal “Gladiator,” Carson Drake.

When he enters the boardroom, filling it with his commanding presence, her belly flips in a way that spells trouble. His dark eyes aren’t assessing her proposal. They’re assessing her. This is no time for flirtation. Besides, in her less-than-awesome experience, she can’t trust any man to do it right.

Carson has a knack for assessing someone’s true desires, and he relishes the verbal sparring that lifts London’s chin to a defiant angle and lights her brown eyes afire. Too bad she’s everything he can’t trust in a woman. Spicy. Complicated.

But when she appears like a misplaced angel at his favorite club, his inner Dom demands he give her what she secretly wants. Though to do it right, he’ll have to excavate her secrets…and come perilously close to falling in love.

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