Anything For You

Anything For You Summary

Landon Connor is a man of many talents--all business magazines agree on thatMy family calls me a workaholic, but being driven and career-focused is what turned me into a hotshot CEO. I have good reasons for keeping my personal life on hold.

Then Maddie Jennings walks into my life and makes me question all my choices.

Maddie says she hasn't met anyone like me before, and hopes she never will again. Good. I can't stand the thought of anyone else getting the reactions I do out of her when I boss her around, when I stand just a little too close.

Pretending to ignore the way I make her feel is becoming her full-time job.

I'm not ignoring anything about her, from her curves to the sweetness in her smile. She's all I see, and everything I want.

Maddie can't help giving in to my romantic overtures and the intoxicating feeling when we touch. But even as our passion grows, I can't help but wonder—can I prove I'm ready to open my heart for longer than a summer?

Book Reviews


Haven’t finished2 star

This book just seems so slow. Or maybe it’s too long? I’ve been trying to read this for almost a week and have only made it to 50%. I had to take a break after some intense eye rolling. Landon and Maddie have already slept together at this point but Maddie just made Landon promise not to make her fall in love with him. This just seems so dumb to ask, especially based on how he’s treated her so far. Hopefully I can come back to finish this book but for now, I’ve had enough.25

Nunu the bear

Excellent5 star

I loved this book highly recommended.55

Jan in Ky

Anything for You5 star

Great story. Beautiful family, those Connors! Life sure is sweet when you find your soul mate!55


Anything for You4 star

Easy reading . Story flowed but somewhat realistic.45


Anything for you4 star

Sweet love story. Interesting complications but....guess what...they are resolved and build the relationship45


Everything you thought it would be5 star

I haven’t read a complete book in a while and I decided since the library is closed that I would try an ebook for once. I came across this title and saw that it had really good ratings, they were right! Finished the book in less than two weeks , I love the back and forth of the two main characters perspective and the kinky scenes are great ! Each chapter is really detailed , to the dress Maddie is wearing to the scenery. Can’t wait to read more of the series , highly recommend ! Thanks !55


The Writing is Fantastic!5 star

The story was sweet, but the main reason I’m giving it five stars was because it was actually so well-written that it kind of shocked me! It can be so challenging to find well-written romance stories in this day and age, and it’s so hard for me to get behind a story if it’s written poorly, but this one kept me captivated because the author kept it real; the interaction between the characters felt so natural, like they were real people. I loved it!55


Interesting love story4 star

I enjoyed reading about the love story and how they come together. I got a little bored at times but overall, it was a good read.45


Sweet5 star

It was sexy in the beginning then became sort of predictable. It was still sweet and ended well. There should’ve been a little more friction or complication to drive it home and make the joining at the end more explosive. Still a good book I’d recommend.55


Maddie and landon5 star

Love this book going to keep on adding to read the rest still wondering what happens to Adam??55

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