Never Date Your Enemy

Never Date Your Enemy Summary

Adam Cade is entitled, arrogant--and he doesn't remember me.

Adam is the prince of Lake Tahoe, born into one of the wealthiest families in the area, and he's the one person I hoped to avoid.

He doesn't recognize me.

He definitely doesn't remember how he helped this town ruin my life.

Now that we work together, I have no choice but to get close to the arrogant ass if I want to keep my job.

Only the closer I get, the less I see of the guy who wronged me in high school, and more of the sweet, sexy man he is now.


He stalks across the room, his hair combed, his suit couture, in typical Adam fashion, and not at all like the casual man I glimpsed over the weekend. But the dark intent in his eyes is exactly what I saw beneath that polished exterior.

The same eyes that made me mad with lust this morning.


Never Date Your Enemy is an enemies-to-lovers romance with sexy banter and a meaty plot that will keep your eyes glued to the page. Grab it now!

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Cocky prince4 star

Good the love!45


The Men of Lake Tahoe5 star

I read the whole series and loved everyone of them.55

Fiery reigne

cocky prince5 star

5 stars for this series the men from lake tahoe, loved jaeger and cali, tyler and mira and hayden and adam actually all of them the series should the women of lake tahoe men sooooo good55


Cocky Prince5 star

Good read. Loved the characters.55

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There'sh5 star

Yuck yyhyyyhyyd Glazedbtoyy butnvy rocvyvycbm YncmcyyyuykhgI guys b u vet hi k ebb hh. Y bLevinevvv55


Recommend!5 star

I like the drama that is the backdrop of the Blue series. It adds a layer of suspense and tension, making this more than a typical romance novel. That being said, you’ll tear through this last installment and I dare you not to love Adam Cade. Can’t wait to see what happens to the Cade brothers in the new series!55


New Blue review4 star

Kindle book. Free book in exchange for an ARC review. Kinda sad to see this is the last... But then again, it's not really... The Cade series. This book wasn't my favorite of the series. The others gripped you into their story more. The whole beginning was more about the casino than them, and it did round out the series, but I guess I was looking more for the passion from the others... Which is why this one was only 4 stars.45

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