The London Flat: Second Chances

The London Flat: Second Chances Summary

The Sequel to The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth & the continuing story of Elizabeth Lara & Connor Bannon. 

Elizabeth Lara has just finished her tour of Ireland. She’s moved on to London, but the dashing Connor Bannon isn’t far from her thoughts as she searches for Mags’ lost love.

From dinner with the Queen, to an unexpected encounter with someone from her past, to the tabloids—London proves to be more excitement than she expected.

Will she find Mags’ Matthieu? Will Connor be able to win her back or will she choose her gorgeous friend Wes? Both men will take her to exclusively exotic locations and bring her face to face with royalty.

Find out what happens next in Beth’s life as she travels, experiences more romance, and finds her way.


The Irish Cottage was inspired by Jules’ love for all things Irish. A love sparked in her teens by Riverdance; fanned into a flame when she befriended a group of Irish kids in France; and blazed into a wildfire by a visit to the Ireland.

Earlier this year, an AncestryDNA test confirmed what Jules has suspected for a while: she’s part Irish (one of her grandparents continues to be unknown but as luck would have it, the test divined that he must have been an Irish-Scot-Swede).

The London Flat was inspired by Jules’ time living in London. It’s her very favorite city.

The London Flat: Second Chances is an international women’s literary fiction romance novel with three books in the novel series. Other themes include: romance literary fiction, women’s sagas, love stories, and second chances at life.

Book Reviews


Traveling Aboard5 star

These books are taking me places I've never been to before. I can't wait to travel to these beautiful places that the author describes in her books.55


The London Flat5 star

The story flows perfectly from “The Irish Cottage,” and enjoyed reading.55


The London Flat3 star

I gave this 3 stars for the entertainment factor. Since I really enjoyed The Irish Cottage, I followed up with this sequel. I read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH because it took me away from the 2020 Pandemic news and was light. However, the writing was trite and the characters wooden. Connor particularly, was like a Ken doll. I think the author could write something really good if she made her characters warm, reality based, and not so oversexed! We all like sex but page after page gets boring. Loved the setting but would like more description. Wish this author good luck but had to be truthful.35


Loved it4 star

Although I missed Ireland; the setting of her first book, I thoroughly enjoyed Beth’s new adventure in London as she reconnected with her college friends from 15 years prior. Living through Beth’s “Fantasyland” of reconnecting with her former self while two gorgeous men fought over her, was an easy and exciting read!45


The London flat5 star

Oh my goodness,I read it in less than a day! It’s that good. Great sequel which is hard to find these days! Worth the time & money to get this book!55


Great read5 star

Love the series!55


The London Flat4 star

Simply wonderful dgsbryant45

For Kylie

The London Flat5 star

Juliet Gauvin has done a fine job of developing her characters - so much so, that I have become very attached to them and can not wait to see what happens in Book 3. “The London Flat” held a good amount of suspense and surprises, which kept my attention. I haven’t finished a book in several years, or rather it’s TAKEN a year or two to complete one... (just due to my life having become too chaotic,) but I am devouring this series by Juliet Gauvin. Downloading #3 as soon as I sign off here 😊55

Hope in Gulfport

So glad I bought book 2!!5 star

Love the characters. Love the story!! Now, on to book 3!!!!!55


The London Flat: Second Chances5 star

Great story. Really enjoyed reading this. Loved the story line. Interesting from first page to last.55

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